How about New York prices for coins?

New York has a very high tax rate although there is a tax break on bullion purchases over $1000, purchasing items in larger cities has both benefits and disadvantages. We can tell you that we sell many coins to the New York Area and over the years we have also purchased coins for customers in larger cities. when it comes down to it you will find that the price you pay deeply depends on the individual dealer. The first thing you want to be sure of is that you are buying your new coin from someone who has plenty of feedback from past customers over the span of at least a year. Check out your potential dealers ebay page for feedback. this is a really good way to determine if your dealer takes care of customers.  By reading the feedback form past clients you can a good feeling of who you are dealing with. You can get great prices in small towns and in large cities, the trick is all about dealing with the right people.