Here at Phoenix Coin, We get lots of questions from our customers. If we had to choose one that comes up the most often, it would certainly be “Should I polish my coins to make them look newer?” 

While almost everything in life looks better clean, coins are a bit different. The unfortunate truth is almost every time you polish your coins, you will most likely cause irreversible damage. When polished, the silver, gold, or any metal the coin is made of actually loses a micro-amount of its total weight. This makes the details on the coin appear to lose sharpness and contrast. Although polishing or cleaning might make the surfaces look newer, the reality is, it will make it look less crisp. Collectors look for a coins “Patina”. The word patina” comes from the Latin word meaning “shallow dish”. Figuratively, patina can refer to any fading, darkening, or other signs of age, which are felt to be natural or unavoidable (or both). The chemical process by which a patina forms is called patination. A coin’s patina is a substantial portion of he overall value, so be sure to stay away from polishing any type of coin. If you have questions about your coins just give us a call. we are happy to answer any questions about any type of coin.